Today we are warehouse and retail searching in the Kansas City area. Many of you might know we had a pop up recently on the plaza, but that specific spot was not ideal for us to be able to grow. We need room for warehouse production and a spot for retail as well…. in other words we are trying to find the HOLY GRAIL for us, and its more complicated than you think!

My mom and I have an afternoon filled of bookings in the cross roads area which means lots of walking and tired feet, oh and it looks like its about to down pour any minute.


Today I wore my FAVORITE pants. Literally favorite. I think I wore them Monday too ( oops, don’t tell), but that is what I love about them, I can wear them day to day and the fit just gets better! They are flying monkey brand and available on . I am usually in-between a 24 and 25 and with this pair I went down a size because they have a nice stretch to them.


Today my slogan is “Kansas City is for Hustlers,” courtesy of Charlie Hustle Shop and fortuity is proud carrier of their tops. This tee was the perfect choice for me today and I love this one because you don’t see it all the time!


I’m also wearing my favorite sneakers ever ( well maybe except for my nike shocks back in the 4th grade). Last year I customized these babies on before I went to Barcelona with my family. I wanted all white with Gold details and RUBY on the back. The only thing I wish I had done is go down a size!

Hopefully I will have some exciting news about a ware house location… so stay tuned in for that!  Hope you all have a wonderful week and thats my look for today!!


xxoo, Ellie

PS. Another post will be coming soon about an amazing GIVEBACK I will be doing with fortuity and a Kansas City organization my bestie Mal is apart of for autism awareness month! ( hint: an adorable t-shirt has been made)






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