Hi babes, I have 2 very fun and exciting announcements coming one is personal and the other is work related! I have been crazy busy with planning both of these fun events and I can’t wait to share!

I recently just wore this jumpsuit and I am obsessed. It is ridiculously comfy and the color is too cute! I thought I would post it on the Royals opening day, because it is blue! Jumpsuits can be amazing to add to your wardrobe because they are very versatile. I paired a sweater over the top for one look and then went with out the sweater for another. If you follow me on instagram I actually have another look with a crop top short sleeve in white underneath!

I just got back in town from a trip with Nick and the first time I left our Pomeranian Steve at a daycare! They did such great job taking care of him at Dog Pawz in Leawood and he had such great time. I mean he really has slept for the past two days! I was like a crazy dog mom and kept watching the live videos they have of him while I was gone. Anyone else this way? Please tell me, yes!

As always use code: Ellie on http://www.fortuityusa.com for a discount!

xoxo Ellie

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