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  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! During this time of year it can be so hard to find outfits that work with the transitioning weather. In Kansas City it can be under 40 degrees and then in the 70’s by 1:00pm. This can make it difficult for dressing and being prepared for the day. My solution […]

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What are your Valentine’s Day plans? I still haven’t made mine, but I think this outfit is too fun for a night out! I love any excuse to dress up and Valentine’s Day! This jumpsuit is a super fun and flirty option. The red is perfect for V-Day!┬áThe back I didn’t take a picture of […]

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  There is something so romantic about a winter wedding, but sometimes its the hardest to dress for. Customers are always asking what they should wear. This dress makes me feel so pretty and I love all the details. the length is great because it would keep my legs just a little bit warmer! Sometimes […]

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    I am trying to plan the perfect “casual” thanksgiving outfit– and I think I found the winner! The joggers are stretchy and so so soft. They have lots of room for filling up my tummy! The top is a simple t shirt with some extra fun details. The ruffles are my favorite and […]

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Ok this sweater is one of my favorites for sure. I can not even think of which color I like better. I love the pocket and detail and the cute little button on the arm. This week I need comfy easy clothes to wear to work and this is perfect for that! Which color do […]

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  Does this top make you want to twist and shout like it does for me? I am seriously in love and can’t wait to wear this all season long. I paired it just with some jeans, but can see it with a cute denim or corduroy skirt! XOXO- Ellie  

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  This past weekend I had my grandpa’s 80th birthday, family in from Vegas, and a pizza party. This look carried me through all of these events in one day! When I wore this dress I got so many compliments. The best part is this look is SO easy! It is a t-shirt style dress […]

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I am always looking for a way to update my wardrobe and this season it is with sets and jumpsuits! I can not get over the colors and pattern on this two piece. I wore it to a friend’s luncheon and I could not have been more obsessed! Reese my mom’s little pom loves to […]

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