Month: June 2016


Hi lovies!! Hope everyone gets a short and sweet week because its the FOURTH OF JULY!!! This year we are opening up another store, and I am running out of time to go anywhere out of town. Last year we celebrated at the lake and the year before in Aspen… so this year is a little more boring for me, but thats ok. I’ll just make fun in Kansas City!  This outfit can be lake friendly or Aspen friendly so where ever you are traveling to you can play up the Fourth of July theme! If I was going to the lake I would probably wear just some flip flops instead of sandals and for Aspen ( depending on the weather I would probably wear white pants and some wedges).

I love cut outs and this stripe top has a fun one in the back…. All the time girls come into the store and don’t know what to wear ( bra wise) under tops like these! If you don’t want straps to show I have some solutions for you!  I use breast petals or sticky bras aka ” sticky boobs.” They are both life changing and super east to use!

I threw on a bandana for my hair– this would be a necessity for me at the lake. My hair is naturally curly so I usually have to tame it somehow! I stole this look from Jessie James Decker, she is the cutest thing ever!  Throw on a necklace and sunnies then you are out the door and ready to celebrate America!

Now if you are visiting a friends lake house, condo, etc., make sure to bring a hostess gift! My go to gift is a bottle from Manos Wine! Pick one up at your nearest liquor store in the Kansas City area or order one online! It is always a good idea to have a few gifts stocked up in case you ever need to bring one with you.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!



Top: Fortuity/ Necklace: Fortuity/ Shorts: Fortuity/ Sunnies:Fortuity/ Wine: Manos Wine/ Shoes: Dolce Vita/



It is finally sweet summer time and I am always looking for ways to “sneak” my veggies and fruits in this salad gets them both! This salad is boyfriend and family approved so it is a winner! If I am cooking the main course I always try to use simple or easy to make sides, that […]

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AHHHH I am so late on a post! We have been opening our warehouse in the Kansas City Crossroads district and I feel like everything else has been on hold! Now I can get back to talking to all of you about summer fashion. Two of my “go to’s” this summer will be the romper […]

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